I'm starting a video series to demonstrate game functionality as I develop it.  The video pretty much explains itself, so please enjoy, like, comment and subscribe!

     In the video I mention the usage of my own custom code for the character's ability to look around, rather than using a premade system like the Locomotion System for Unity. The main reasoning for this is flexibility; the locomotion system, while impressive in it's own way, only modifies bone joints by percentages. It works great for human characters, yet becomes increasingly more difficult to set up with other types of non-bipedal characters. By using Animation Blending, I can do things such as having his arm come up to shield his eyes when he looks left but not right, and other cool stuff. I'm sure I'll be able to demonstrate this in future video updates.

Because of the unpredictability of life, these videos won't come out on a set schedule, but I will release them as soon as I have enough content to fill a video. Until then, thank you for your support!
RPG Hungry
12/6/2017 05:43:42 am

bro keep those project up!


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