I deeply apologize for the lack of updates recently. I have been working on the game this entire time, So I'll just jump straight into it.
I've put together a pretty decent modular set piece of which I'll be using to construct the rest of the city. This is the third set I've created, the other two being functional yet impractical. Since I'm learning as I go, I've been running into rough spots quite frequently; I've never been this far into a game project before. I've also been putting a lot of work into AI, though most of it is developed for a different game. Luckily since all the research is already done, recoding AI for this game should go by quick and painlessly. Below you'll find a video of some recorded game play from earlier this year. It's buggy of course, but it should give you a taste of what this game can be.
Currently I am creating the intro cutscene and laying out the plans for a demo level I will be releasing here in a month or so.

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