Well, it's been five months since I've updated and that's four months overdo. I have achieved my degree without realizing the full difficulty of achieving a career. Graduation and the freedom of life without assignments hit me emotionally, followed by the panic of bills flowing in without financial aid around to support my academic endeavors. As of late I am back in my hometown and regaining my creative drive, with a plan to continue production on Arx Catalyst. I've discovered an interesting format to show off my work as well! the site is p3d.in; it allows me to share content like this:

I suggest using/supporting their site as they are still in beta! anyways, I've decided to call out for assistance from an environment artist. If you are interested, please use the "Contact Me" link to drop me a line. I will push to have a new extensive update of Arx Catalyst around Thanksgiving of this year.

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