I've just finished the basic rough draft of level 2. The city streets are layed out and the shapes of the buildings occupying those streets are in place. Most of what you see is created with a simple cube primitive. Constructing this not only gives me a general feel for playing through level 2, but it helped me further develop my asset list. With a better idea of what needs to be created, my schedule has just become far more organized. I took the time to create little things like furnishing throughout some of the more complete buildings. With that out of the way, it's handling level 3 real quick and moving on to creating more final assets. I kept working on this scene until I found myself saying wow when viewed from street level.
     I've also managed to put up a forum on the site, so if you're new and interested, feel free to become a member and post a topic. I'll watch closely and try to answer any questions and take in any ideas as production continues. I look forward to hearing from you!

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