I've recently competed in the CREATE game jam by Kill Screen and OUYA. I created a game prototype in 10 days that will work on the OUYA console. Here is the video trailer I submitted:
If you enjoyed what you saw, please take the time to like or comment on the youtube video; it helps me out in multiple ways.
     I learned a very valuable lesson about game design when I decided to tackle this challenge. I took the first 2 and a half days and seriously planned out how I could achieve something playable and impressive in under 10 days. Today while looking for places to help spread the word of my prototype, I found a Google+ communities group called One game a month. This article holds multiple points that I learned from this experience, as well as a few more useful tips. http://gamedev.tutsplus.com/articles/business-articles/1gam-how-to-succeed-at-making-one-game-a-month/ 
      A lot of the pitfalls the article outlines are exactly ones I've found myself at the bottom of while working on Arx Catalyst. I remember logically having a demo planned for release in June of last year, and the constant sludge of code I keep having to re tweak to work with new ideas I try to implement.
     In 10 days "Depths of Marlayo" became more playable than Arx Catalyst. I hope with this new outlook on indie game development, I will be able to more successfully turn my dreams into playable experiences that you all can enjoy!
10/14/2013 01:42:23 am

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